Vertical Scratchers
Daughter of Everything
Merge Records
Street: 02.25
Vertical Scratchers = Enon + Wire + Crooks on Tape

Vertical Scratchers are a two-piece band made up of ex-Brainiac and Enon guitarist John Schmersal and former Triclops! drummer Christian Beaulieu. This is the debut album for the duo, and it stands as a testament to the heartwarming, poetic rock direction that Merge Records seems to be embracing with their new releases. Daughter of Everything is a collection of brief, pop-tinged songs that are complicated in their composition, and quirky in their delivery. The guitar riffs are curt and pounding, the drums both lead and follow, and the vocals are higher pitched than it would seem natural, but exactly where they need to be to fit the mood. Most of the 15 songs come in at under two minutes, delivering the punch of a Wire song with the brevity of Minor Threat. This is an unbelievable pop record disguised as art house soundtrack—an incredible feat, really. –James Bennett