Rich Quick
Sad Songz
Ben Frank Recordings
Street: 08.20
Rich Quick = Grieves + Micky Avalon
This white boy from New Jersey lays down upbeat, borderline hip-pop with groovy samples. Quick has charisma in his musicianship, offering an approachability that is at his advantage. In his video for “Travelin’ Man,” he raps about his love life, and comes across as a cool, kinda nerdy, real-life dude. Quick was obsessed with writing raps as a kid, which has translated well to his career—his words aren’t complicated or ensnaring, just easy to hear and relate to. Throughout the EP, the snare drum and bass lines create a solid backbone for everything else, but are good enough that they could stand alone. “Nice Guy” has a mellow reggae beat that works out and adds some variation, while “Walk On By” kills it with ’70s-sounding keys and guest flows from Jakk Frost and Chuck Treece. Most of the tracks on Sad Songz are spot-on enough to become hits if Quick gains some speed in the scene. –Kia McGinnis