4 Corners
Silber Records
Street: 06.25.13
Rllrbll = Ratchet & Clank OST + Moodring
Rllrbll is a Portland group making self-described trip-hoppy, post-jazz music. The album starts off with a great track called “McKaw,” which sounds fit for an adventurous video game. Nothing cheeses me more, though, than cringe-worthy organ grinding, and almost GarageBand-like passages found on—“Robin With A Cheeto” (“Windy as Fuck” is also cringe worthy). Because of the risks taken throughout, there isn’t much cohesion to these 10 tracks, though “Hebrew, I Hate You,” a minimal, gothic, dub-styled tune, is where the approach pays off. If you’re up for a weird listen, here’s one for you. –Christian Schultz