R.M. Hendrix
Urban Turks Country Jerks
Moon Sounds Records
Street: 04.28
R.M. Hendrix = In Rainbows–era Radiohead + The Apples in Stereo

No, this isn’t an LDS-themed Jimi Hendrix cover band, though if you’re a Utah native, that probably doesn’t sound too odd. What we’ve got here is a mixed bag of indie rock, shoegaze and … gulp … psychedelia that casts a wide arc from nostalgia days to here and now. “Wasted Summer” is the standout, but I like its shoegazing follow-ups, “In This Daydream” and “Stars In Your Eyes,” which recall the archetypal Slowdive wall of shoegaze sadness. Most of the album is like that, though there are some more upbeat, Sonic Youth-y tunes like “Sister Cat” and the eponymous track. “Those Were Dark Days” is a cheery pop finish to a great record. –Christian Schultz