Run Boy Run
Something to Someone
Street: 10.28
Sky Island Records
Run Boy Run = Elephant Revival + Alison Krauss

Something to Someone is a hodgepodge of hit or miss. Tracks like the opener “Under the Boughs” are beautiful on the instrumental side, but the vocals are so sickly sweet in a major key that it sounded like I was listening to a string band with a 14-year-old girl for a vocalist. Jennifer Sandoval’s lilting soprano is more suited to minor key, such as on “A Dream in the Night,” which features sexy Louisiana influences and upfront mandolin. The second vocalist, Grace Rolland, harmonizes on most songs, but on “Oh, Momma (Won’t You Tell Me What To Do?)” her bluegrass-appropriate, dusty alto shines, allowing Run Boy Run to be taken more seriously. Celtic influences peek in on a few tracks, meshing well with Southern twang. Half of the songs are excellent, the other half are sub-par. –LeAundra Jeffs