Safety Scissors
In A Manner of Sleeping
BPitch Control
Street: 06.11
Safety Scissors = Kid606 + Ellen Allien + Clams Casino
Safety Scissors/Matthew Patterson Curry (MPC!) enviably went from art school to a successful career in electronic music, with a host of international festival appearances and respectable peers supporting his work. From the tracks I have heard, I appreciate that Curry is someone seeking wonder. There are some euphoric electro-dance moments to be found on In A Manner of Sleeping—such as the entirety of “Lemon Scented Moist Pillowette.” Upon first listening, I was a bit uncertain regarding my feelings about some of the vocal performances. I was simply curious as to how a few of the songs would sound as instrumental pieces. However, it must be noted that the melding of pop and experimental electronic sensibilities is more successful on this record than many that may be considered within its genre/aesthetic mode. The final two tracks, “My Best Ideas” and “Second Story,” aurally appealing and comfortably strange, are ideal examples of why, as the vocal performances bolster this success. –T.H