Sally Seltmann
Hey Daydreamer
Arts & Crafts
Street: 03.04
Sally Seltmann = Aloa Input + Feist
Produced in collaboration with Seltmann’s husband, Darren Seltmann (of The Avalanches), Hey Daydreamer is an album full of theatrics. Not only is the instrumentation elaborate, with emphasis on the horns and percussion, but the overall feeling I get from listening to this is uplifting, as she sings about finding strength in independence, throwing out bad influences and living with your mistakes. But don’t be fooled—there’s darkness underneath, such as when she sings in “Holly Drive” that there’s a “sunny disposition on the outside, but it’s a shady place I live in on the inside.” You’ll get a sense of this vibrancy when you look up the music video for “Catch of the Day.” The colorful animation with paper-cutting could travel through the songs throughout the album. The imagery is so vivid that not only can I not let go of it during a listen, I don’t want to. –Brinley Froelich