Savage Deity
Amulet of Sin
Street: 11.25.13
Savage Deity = Morbid Angel + Death + Mortem
Sub-genres of death metal, like slam and variances of brutal death metal, sound like a fat guy gurgling on feces. Fans of true death metal—playing straight up crunchy riffage, vocals you can still understand and a large emphasis on actually playing an instrument with ability stay true in the underground and Savage Deity, from Thailand of all places, have offered up an album of classic death metal satisfaction. Amulet of Sin has the properties to appease the folks who listen to death metal for the heavy feeling of it all, as well as the folks who like to dissect albums. Either from the super crunchy thrashed up riffs, to an unbelievably heavy bass sound, to drumming that, while suffering some production flaws, still sounds tasty. There is a completely and severely damn proper riff on “They Reign,” one of the best death metal songs I’ve heard in a while. –Bryer Wharton