Scott And Charlene’s Wedding
Two Weeks
Critical Heights
Scott and Charlene’s Wedding = Quilt / Parquet Courts
As if a debut album of numbingly good lo-fi fuzz and blues wasn’t enough Craig Dermody is back with an outstanding EP. With less fuzz, and rhythms more poppy than before, Dermody belts out more tales about injuries, love and sadness. “Two Weeks” has a hypnotic jangly guitar rhythm akin to Joy Division’s echoing guitar on “Disorder” or The Smith’s “Still III.” Dermody, however, twists the penetrating riffs with a lo-fi splendor that provides a wonderful melody and pop element to open the album. Dermody showcases clashing guitars on “I Wanna Die” that highlight his Black Lips element. The last two songs have a tragic appeal and feature reverb-splashed, bluesy riffs channeling Spacegirl and Other Favourites by Brian Jonestown Massacre. Dermody hides nothing on “Hazy Morning” as he croons, “I know when you’re faking lovin’.” If you enjoy any type of lo-fi indie rock this album is for you. – Justin Gallegos