Six of Swords
Polar Vortex EP
Sorrow Carrier Records
Street: 02.23
Six of Swords = Cannibal Corpse + Bloodbath + Obituary

Drawing direct influences from old- and new-school death metal, Six of Swords are already shaping up to be one of the most promising bands of the genre. The debut track “Separation at the Seams” presents an atonal hook followed by pounding guttural vocals in conjunction with the drums, then the blast beats take over and the headbanging begins. “Lock the Cell” sustains the fast-paced rhythms but trades blows halfway through for a more “core” based beat pattern. “Secular World” hones a meticulously paced song structure that gives it a progressive edge. An overall brutally stellar EP, I have no doubt that they will be regarded with admiration (if they aren’t already) among the death metal community, and I, personally, await a full-length album from these guys. –Eric U. Norris