Southern Culture on the Skids

Dig This


Street: 10.01

Southern Culture on the Skids = Reverend Horton Heat + The B-52s + Duane Eddy

For years, Southern Culture on the Skids have been one of those Americana bands that are such a well-built hotrod of a band that, when it comes to any of the genres that they tackle, they can naturally shift from country to surf to R&B and every bit sounds as authentic as it is original. Dig This covers so much musical territory, it makes it exciting to see where they’re going to make their next move from track to track. Rick Miller’s guitar virtuosity is as topnotch as ever, while Mary Huff keeps pace with him on bass—it’s impressive how much personality she’s able to put through that four-string machine. Dave Hartman’s drumming accomplishes so much more than just keeping time: It becomes a part of the melody and makes this trio sound so much bigger than just its three parts. This is a Southern Culture on the Skids record that’s not to be missed. –James Orme