Descend Unto Gehenna
Slaughterhouse Records
Street: 10.31
Succubus = Kreator + Sodom + Bolt Thrower (old)
Short, but sickly sweet is the order of the day from this Malaysian death/thrash band. It’s fervent, and—seemingly with tantalizing ease—the band manages to capture the early ’80s of German thrash flavored with many more death sprinkles on top. Succubus take the chaotic approach of their slashing over grooves fixing on great—for a lack of a better term—“old school” qualities of the death metal and thrash genres, but do it without sounding like a hack or re-hash artists. The production job from JR Torina furthers the grasp that the music takes with that bit of an echo-like classic thrash vibe without sacrificing any volume or importance of any instrument played. The only real complaint here is that it’s too damn short—once your neck starts to get stiff from the unavoidable banging, the music’s over! –Bryer Wharton