Silver Point
Street: 10.28
Tetherball = Foxtrot Uniform / Gerard Way + The Academy Is…

Music usually seems to generate an overall emotion that its listeners can connect to. It can convey a feeling of hope, sadness or a raging carefree spirit. The problem with Whimsy is that I feel confusion more than anything when I listen to it. There are hints of jazz and country, which is confusing enough, but Steve Voss lays a yearning, vulnerable voice over it all that just doesn’t appeal to me. I think it’s fun to try and imagine what type of person might enjoy a certain type of sound, but it’s hard to picture anyone when I listen to this album. However, there is a moment of clarity on “Gilded Rings”: Voss’ voice is tempered, and his sound is consistent from the vocals to the soft acoustic strum of guitar. Voss can make a good tune when he slows down to package it nicely. –Justin Gallegos