The Black Angels
Indigo Meadow
Blue Horizon Ventures
Street: 04.02
The Black Angels = Dead Meadow + Black Mountain
I don’t really understand Salt Lake City’s love for The Black Angels. Phosphene Dream was decent at best and people here were going nuts for it. With Indigo Meadow we see The Black Angels moving away from Psych-rock and toward garage rock. I am a huge fan of garage rock, but there are plenty of bands who do it better than this. From what I can tell, “Don’t Play With Guns” is a preachy gun control anthem, but I still like it a lot since the chorus sounds like something off of Thee Oh Sees’ The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night in. There are some catchy songs, and a lot less psychedelia, so it should be something I really like, but it just feels like a step backward. –Cody Hudson