The Brains
The Monster Within
Sailors Grave
Street: 04.16
The Brains = Gutter Demons + Batmobile + Koffin Kats
Psychobilly has an inherent problem in that the genre is a formula. Punk mixed with rockabilly decorated with horror imagery. Now by the time most bands have achieved those three elements they don’t seem to look beyond them, and that’s where the genre has become stagnant. Very few bands have been able to break the mold like The Brains. These Canadian psychos play at break neck speeds, but in some unholy way are still able to keep their songs highly melodic. “Misery” is the perfect example of how great this band is at mixing those standard psychobilly elements and then looking further, by changing rhythms and exploring some different guitar sounds. Rene D La Muerte, lead singer and guitarist, has a haunting croon that is just another facet that separates this band from the pack. This is a great record, from one of the few bands that have the potential to exceed the limits of the psycho scene. –James Orme