The Coathangers/Audacity
Split 7"
Suicide Squeeze
Street: 10.15
The Coathangers = The Julie Ruin + Shannon and the Clams
Audacity = Guantanamo Baywatch + Cosmonauts
The Coathangers are vinyl addicts, releasing a series of 7" splits every six months through Suicide Squeeze with a variety of punk peers the past couple years. By far my favorite thing about these splits is the cover artwork, and this one’s no exception: A robed skeleton seasons his breakfast with a bottle of pills as a jacketed dog looks on—illustrative of the playful nature of these ladies and their label. Music-wise, Orange County–based Audacity starts off the split with "Earthbot," an upbeat pop-punk track with tinges of surf rock and a super catchy chorus: "Earthbot can you hear me/Calling out your name …" The Coathanger’s track, "Adderall," is a little more subdued, starting off with a slow, jungle bass drum beat and Rusty Coathanger’s raspy vocals singing "Give me Adderall/Give me anything at all …" as soft "ooohs" back her up. There are only 750 copies of these babies, which you can find over on Collect ’em all! –Esther Meroño