The Crystal Method


Tiny e Records

Street: 01.14

The Crystal Method = Daft Punk – inflated egos + The Chemical Brothers + Infected Mushroom + Beats Antique

For their fifth studio album, The Crystal Method created a refreshing twist on what most electronic artists are currently producing, using heavy synth and rock elements to blow the minds and speakers of its listeners. The opening song, “Emulator,” a loud, synthesized instrumental rock track, begins the album with a bang before going into its fast-paced, yet easy-on-the-ears follower, “Over It,” featuring Dia Frampton. Although the album was good as a whole, the back and forth between heavily synthesized electric guitar riffs and chiptune style (perfectly exemplified in the track “110 to the 101”) made the album seem a bit all over the place, but that’s what the group is known for. Some album highlights were “Storm The Castle,” “110 to the 101,” “Over It” and the final track on the album, “After Hours.” –Julia Sachs