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Review: The Fall – Sub-Lingual Tablet

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The Fall – Sub-Lingual Tablet

The Fall
Sub-Lingual Tablet

Cherry Red
Street: 05.11
The Fall = The Monks + The Velvet Underground – Pere Ubu

After you’ve been making music as varied and prolific as English post-punk band The Fall, it’s probably damn hard to come up with anything that could surprise the listener. But if there’s nothing you could call any of their albums, it would be “generic.” The one real stand-out track, “Black Roof,” is mostly the work of former members Rob Barbato and Tim Presley of Darker My Love and White Fence. I have to admit my bias, that their more synth-based work doesn’t have quite the edge of their rougher, earlier work. But after almost 40 years, their overall quality and body of work still stands up. –Stakerized!