The Forty Nineteens 
Spin it
Heyday Records
Street: 03:18
The Forty Nineteens = Elvis Costello + Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers + The Rolling Stones
Blasting out with an ‘80s styled, pop-doused, garage-rock assault, The Forty Nineteens bring something different, yet very familiar, to the table. It is almost easy to overlook the notable tracks worth their weight during the initial listen. “Modern Romance” takes center stage as a fun, poppy number that is sure to excite with its high energy and quick, catchy lyrics. Next, watch out for “Pink ’55 Bel Air” as it takes over with what can only be described as following the lineage of pop rock n’ roll with edgy simplicity. Taking a quick detour with The Rolling Stones-like “Only Time Will Tell,” one can exit this ride with the feel-good tune “Have A Good Time.”  Despite some tracks, I still have an itch that needs scratching. –Nick Kuzmack