The Goddamn Gallows
The Maker
Street: 04.16
The Goddamn Gallows = Legendary Shack Shakers + Tim Barry + Demented Are Go + Scott H. Biram
When it’s hard to describe a band’s sound, I consider that a victory from the jump, because that means they’ve achieved something rarely or never heard before. The Goddamn Gallows are creepy hillbilly punk with a touch of gypsy thrown in. It’s also a big compliment when I can compare them to so many artists, but I can’t say that they sound close to any of them. There are songs that have a lot going on in them instrumentally and with plenty of influences, but with everything they’re throwing at you, it all still feels direct in its approach. “Demon in the Night” has a large-scope sound that I think might appeal to the psychobilly crowd, as will the dark, spindly, almost The Hills Have Eyes themes throughout the record. This one-of-a-kind act is approaching the top of their game and making it interesting to follow along—don’t miss out. –James Orme