Minus One
A Recordings
Street: 11.26
The KVB = Holograms / Crocodiles + Moon Duo
Being handpicked by Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre to be on Newcombe’s record label speaks volumes for The KVB. Minus One’s combination of shoegaze, post-punk and noise is quite an alluring brew. Its melodic sense is a break from the pure heaviness and darkness of their past recordings. Either way, these guys use synthesizers in a way that nods to Suicide and Silver Apples. But it’s their guitar-driven energy that calls to mind Joy Division more than anyone else when I hear each song. It’s slightly dark, but it’s sort of beautiful, and you can dance if you want to. It’s not the way you dance when you’re in a club, but the way you dance when you’re in your head, lost in sonic bliss. –Justin Gallegos