The Last Ten Seconds of Life


Workhorse Music Group/Density Records

Street: 10.22.13
The Last Ten Seconds of Life = Emmure + Bury Your Dead
Looking at the cover is all you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to like these guys or not. You know what you’re getting into—throat-tearing screams, breakdowns and amateur lyrics. Taking cues, nods and riffs from the rest of their brethren, it’s not original, but it sounds great. They’ve got a ton of variety and a ton of different influences, but there’s a cohesiveness that still makes it work and never overstays its welcome. Sure, it sounds like a little bit of everybody else, but it’s brutal, and Storm Strope’s vocals are mean as hell. You might be picking out recognizable guitar lines all day long, but you’ll be headbanging at the same time. –Matt Brunk