The Menzingers

Rented World

Epitaph Records

Street: 04.22

The Menzingers =
Broadway Calls +
The Lawrence Arms

Well, The Menzingers have delivered another album that the disgruntled and eccentric youth can tap their feet and bob their heads to. Menzingers have always walked that fine line of punk along with allied bands such as Against Me! and The Flatliners, which almost gives their music a bipolar personality, if you will—you enjoy how mellow the album sounds but feel it could snap at any minute. The opening track, “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore,” sets a display of raw, emotional lyrics and sentimental melodies, which are also demonstrated by subsequent tracks like “Sentimental Physics” and “The Talk.” Then, in contrast, there is “When You Died”—the acoustic album closer that tells a dismal narrative of the loss of singer Greg Barnett’s friend. The album radiates with different emotions and vivid lyrics—it’s a great album to listen to on a mellow evening. –Eric U. Norris