The Tossers 
The Emerald City 
Street: 03.05 
The Tossers = the Pogues + the Dubliners + Rum Runner 
This is more traditional than many of the Celtic/punk acts out there, but that’s not to say Chicago’s Tossers ease up on the attitude. Just in time for St. Patty’s day, the Irish fury that is The Emerald City, starting with the rollicking tune “The Rover,” which exults the life of the nomad, whether drunk or sober. Then, after a few jaunty melodies, the record rests to a slower pace, which is where lead singer T. Duggins and company exceed the competition, because they are able to control rhythms and have different tempos in a song like “Whenever You Go,” which gives the song a manifestation that most bands couldn’t pull off. “God Bless You” has a dark and ominous tone, but moves along well enough to satisfy the rockers and the Celtic folk alike. So when you’re hoisting a pint and Dropkick and Flogging Molly start to fill stale, don’t fret, because the Tossers will be there to stoke the Irish fire that resides in all of us. –James Orme