Review: Thunder – Wonder Days

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Thunder-Wonder-Days album coverThunder
Wonder Days

Street: 05.26
Thunder = Creedence Clearwater Revival + Blackfoot

Thunder’s first album after their reformation in 2009 combines smooth vocals and old southern rock charm to deliver a catchy comeback. Wonder Days gets a little too country on songs such as “The Rain,” but the guitar solos are comin’-at-ya and the tone is crisp and clear. The well-balanced mix is reminiscent of ’70s rock with a classic contrast between acoustic and electric guitars. Danny Bowes’ vocal melodies are catchy and memorable and a perfect complement to Luke Morley and Ben Matthews’ cheerful riffage. “Black Water” would sound right at home at the end of a Sons of Anarchy episode, and the triplets on guitar throughout the verses in “The Prophet” are basically “Barracuda” by Heart. This album definitely isn’t a mind-blowing original album, but if it were background music at Willie’s Lounge, I wouldn’t mind too much. –Madi Smith