Trevor and the Joneses

There Was Lightning


Street: 12.22.12

Trevor and the Joneses = The Brian Jonestown Massacre + The Zombies + The Troggs + Blank Realm

Trevor and the Joneses bring back 1960s garage rock combined with the product of over 40 years of evolution in psychedelic rock n’ roll. Trevor Jones delivers the right amount of pop and snot with his vocals in “Dig This,” which invokes nostalgia for the late Reg Presley’s (The Troggs) “Wild Thing.” Other numbers, like “Sneak” and “It’s Getting Early,” sound fast and edgy. My only complaint is the songs like “Show Yourself” and “Super Slow” are indeed super slow and seem to drag forever, making them better background sounds than full-focused jams. The slower songs might bore listeners not in states of expanded consciousness. Otherwise, this album invokes memories of the glory days of rock n’ roll—very engaging, with the right amount of grit. If you haven’t picked this up, you are missing out. –Nick Kuzmack