Melana Chasmata
Century Media
Street: 04.14
Triptykon = Celtic Frost + Valborg + Type O Negative
Many times in a review, when something like “more of the same” is said, it can be taken negatively. But when you’re Triptykon and have a massively successful debut under your belt, maybe you want a little bit of more of the same. Massive success is a fair statement because vinyl versions of the debut, at the moment, are selling at around 200 bucks. What did Tom G. Warrior and his highly talented coun- terparts do with Melana Chasmata? It’s easiest to say that they employed a formula of death, doom and gothic styles that crushed and crushed with utmost intensity and made it a hell of a lot better. All of it is obviously more than that—the dynamics change constantly and keep listening experiences changing every time. Add the notion that with higher volume comes higher density—with an even higher crushing factor. This is the metal record for the spring without question. –Bryer Wharton