Twin Trances

Review: Twin Trances – Self-Titled

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Twin Trances

Twin Trances

Dirty Slacks
Street: 08.13
Twin Trances = Red Hot Chili Peppers x The Para-Medics

I was a little confused by Twin Trances at first glance. It was messy—it sounded like it was coming right out of a garage. Then I flipped the record, and the entire picture changed. Heavy-strumming darkness dug a deep groove that I couldn’t help but nod to. Then it just kept grooving and grooving. By the climactic end of the final song, “Easy Fever,” I immediately had to re-spin the whole side to experience it again. I was listening to exactly what I would want any live show to turn into: heavy, groovy jams that make me want to jump. While this album takes a little while to get onto its feet, there’s something to like in every song. This duo has a lot of energy, and if you are willing to give Twin Trances a good listen, it has a lot to offer. –Alex Blackburn