Uli Jon Roth
Scorpions Revisited
SPV Records
Street: 03.10
Uli Jon Roth = Scorpions + Jimi Hendrix
Uli Jon Roth reinvents 1973–1978 Scorpions material with modern production and a more sophisticated guitar style. He infuses Scorpions classics, like “Sails of Charon,” “Virgin Killer” and “In Trance,” with heavy metal vocals from Nathan James and reimagines the 40-year-old tracks with gritty hard rock guitar tone blasting through contemporary amps. Every song has a new unique guitar and vocal style while staying true to the early Scorpions’ sound. James lacks the feeling Meine nailed on songs such as “We’ll Burn the Sky,” but his extended range, harmonies and melodic arrangements reinvent the songs that Scorpions have neglected in live performances. This album is not a greedy grab at cash, but a modern adaptation of classic Scorpions hits performed by better skilled musicians. –Madi Smith