Ulrich Schnauss
A Long Way To Fall
Street: 02.12
Ulrich Schnauss = Keep Shelly In Athens + Boards of Canada + Tycho
A Long Way To Fall is the fourth studio release from German producer Ulrich Schnauss. This time around, Schnauss dropped the synthesized shoegaze and embraced new age. The album concentrates on delicate, ethereal melodies that weave in and out of human subconscious. Distorted swirls dissolve into darkness on the ambient “I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance.” “The Weight of Darkening Skies” offers a pleasant progression of sweeping atmospheric synthesizers and evocative beats. Unique, organic textures line the industrial album closer, “A Ritual in Time and Death.” A Long Way To Fall is a subtle album—expect no instant gratifications or adrenaline rushes. –Courtney Blair