Various Artists
Mess With The Best… Die Like The Rest
Black Hole/Aggrobeat/Pug Music
Street: 06.15
Mess With The Best = Cock Sparrer + Motörhead + Sham 69
I imagine this album would be great to riot to. Smashing windows and throwing Molotov cocktails to punk is something I want to see. Pure oi, this four-way split is a nice snapshot of punk rock around the world. The Revilers are my favorite group on this album, because of their musical diversity. They first sound like a punk Eagles of Death Metal with bluesy guitar solos, particularly with their song “Don’t Tell Me.” Then they turn their sound on its head with “8 Second Society” and give you an ’80s hardcore punk song that sounds straight out of 7 Seconds or Sick of it All’s repertoire. Cracks & Scars, a German punk band, are akin to the Revilers as a hodgepodge of punk sub-genres—wailing guitars accompanied by ’80s hardcore vocals. The other two bands were great too, I just ran out space to say why. Buy it now. -Alex Cragun