Patricidal Lust
20 Buck Spin
Street: 11.12.13
Vastum = Grave + Asphyx + Acephalix
So the riff slug-fest that was Vastum’s debut album now has a follow-up, Patricidal Lust, and it out-slugs the debut in proper death metal fashion. I’ve mentioned before that death metal is getting a weird reputation because of new bands mixing in stuff that doesn’t make sense just to be different, and that old bands that should just give up putting out lousy albums. Breathe in the putrid air of Vastum—it’s a bit newly putrid and just as properly old school putrid. The fact that the band doesn’t bust out of mid-pace tempo (though they get pretty close) gives Vastum an ultra gloomy feel. With riffs, however, that crunch bones like twigs (or roll over soft fatty flesh), like a deathly rolling pin the combo of gloom and heavy makes the new record a nice sensory mix of something to the extent of “Well, now we’ve made you depressed, so we will crush you!” Well I’ve got a crush on this, so take that Vastum. –Bryer Wharton