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Venefixion Defixio

Iron Bonehead Street: 10.02 Venefixion = Autopsy + Vomitor + Sarcófago

From the land of the demos comes this nice debut from Germany-by-way-of-Australia three-piece Venefixion. I always say about demo material: The more the listener is left wanting more, the better the demo is. The four tracks here go by in fury and fire, and the desire for more is above and beyond. It’s got all the best bits of extreme metal metal—thrash, death and black. Combine riff after riff of stuff that is intricately played and highly dynamic with a raw but clearer production tone, and that is why you’ll be wanting more. Slower tremolo riffs bring up all the good stuff from black/thrash that really doesn’t exist much today. Within that gritty, gut-boiling riffing comes the nasty, foul stench/tone that made Autopsy famous. It’s not a new mix or style or sound—the band just puts it out there in a fantastic and catchy way. –Bryer Wharton