Weekend Nachos
Street: 11.11
Weekend Nachos = Crossed Out + Despise You + Hatred Surge
On Still, Dekalb’s long-standing jock violence unit continues mining the paths carved on Worthless, juicing on some of Relapse’s recording muscle to ratchet their sound a tad cleaner. The “jackrabbit fast bit/thunder-sludge slow bit” formula is very much intact, and played very much to perfection on “S.C.A.B.,” “Ignore” and “You’re Not Punk.” Still, the album manages to distinguish itself on slight sonic detours, like with the haunting middle passages of “Watch You Suffer” and “Late Night Walks.” John Hoffman’s vocal plasticity, which ranges from harrowing shrieks to guttural bellowing and intermittent grooving (“Yes Way” and “Broken Mirror”), compares to others of the ilk. Ultimately, though, the band plies their wares where the most bread gets buttered: punishing power violence with an occasional metal flourish. Unrelenting, cruel and occasionally even catchy, Still is yet another installment in a practically flawless discography. –Dylan Chadwick