Weird Owl
A Recordings, Ltd.
Street: 10.15
Weird Owl = The Black Angels + Spiritualized + Tame Impala
Brooklyn psych band with personal and label support from Anton Newcombe—that tagline should be enough of a selling point for many people interested in this record. Reverb and overdrive are more prominent effects than fuzz on Healing, setting it apart somewhat from previous Weird Owl releases. Healing isn’t necessarily the kind of record that will change how you think about music, but it’s unlikely that you’ll want to skip any tracks if they come up while the audio library’s in shuffle mode. All five songs are enjoyable and worth the 27 minutes of listening time—especially if you’re on a comfortable couch in a room with good mood lighting. I wasn’t while listening to Healing, and it was still a pleasant experience. Check “Stars on a Coffin Lid,” or the title track—which is musically kind of like The Cure, but accompanied by a falsetto and without any elements of heartbreak. –T.H.