Zoot Woman

Star Climbing

Street: 08.29

Embassy One Recordings

Zoot Woman =
Fischerspooner –
Felix Da Housecat + Blur

I’m a bit embarrassed confessing that, despite this being their fourth album, I’ve honestly never heard of the UK’s Zoot Woman before now. Oh, sure, I know the great production work of the trio’s most famous member, Mr. Stuart Price, and even Price and keyboardist Adam Blake’s fantastic remix (under their Paper Faces moniker) of Madonna’s “Let It Will Be,” but small point, I guess. The most refreshing thing about this band is that they don’t seem to be taking themselves too seriously, appearing to be more about their music than their image. Early pioneers to the electroclash movement, Adam’s brother Johnny Blake’s guitar and his smooth vocals complete the trio. Elements of this genre filter throughout, like on the hooky lead single, “Don’t Tear Yourself Apart,” or the especially catchy “The Stars Are Bright” and “Chemistry.” Two slightly stark ballads (“Elusive” and “Waterfall into the Fire”) close this memorable album. –Dean O Hillis