Apocalyptica @ In the Venue

Posted November 6, 2008 in
In the Venue


This is for the metal head that beats off to Bach every night before he goes to bed. This is for the martini socialite who packs Ozzy in her vinyl collection. This is for the head-banger who missed the concert because of choir practice. This is for the turtle-neck wearing honor roll student who hides his black nail polish. This band, Apocalyptica can meet the demands of the toughest of cliques.

Coming out on stage these guys looked nothing short of the metal gods they portray on stage. Packing out long hair, tattoos and the facial make-up of David Lee Roth, they were suited for battle. Lined up on stage with their cellos, the four sat upon their skill thrones with the drummer in the middle. The stoic on the far left, Antero Manninen, made no signs of emotion the entirety of the concert. The center stage was dominated by the leading head bangers Pettu Kivilaakso (The scrawny cultured version of the late “Dimebag” Darrel) and Eicca Toppinen (the pre-century Keith Richards), the dancing rally master to the right, Paavo Lotjonen, and finally drummer Mikko Siren. The crowd may have been more diverse than this year’s voting polls: metal heads with the hair in their eyes, the emos, and even that asshole with the goatee that brings a chick to a concert on the first date and bitches about the mosh. Which brings me to the “mosh pit.” There are fucking cellos people. Mosh at a concert where you are expected to, or at least where everyone already knows in advance that you are an ass.

Short of that shitty part of the crowd, the concert could not have been better. Laying out killer tunes of Metallica from “Enter Sandman” to “One,” it was nice to see that although these guys were ripping out some killer riffs on cello, they were mouthing the lyrics. You could tell that this music was their passion, they just chose to play it through a different medium. And that medium fucking kicked ass. Midway through the concert a guest singer unknown to me decided to show up to satisfy the Linkin Park fans that somehow made it in. But no shorter than that man was on stage, they were right back to face melting and head banging. In between songs, the band slovenly put together tales of their Finnish background, their love of music and the joys of growing up different.

To kick off the final portion of the show, the guys decided to play a little “Hall of the Mountain King.” Exhausted and enduring the onset of head bangers whiplash, the concert I decided to get the fuck out so I could catch the first whiff of the homeless in the parking lot. Apocalyptica plays a killer show and these guys seriously deserve a lot larger turnout than they got this night. Next time they come to town be sure to make your way down, unless you are too busy listening to Linkin Park, then just forget that you read this.