Band of Annuals @ Kilby Court

Posted November 18, 2008 in
Band of Annuals
Kilby Court

Band of Annuals

Once hearing Band of Annuals’ brand of country/folk/indie music, anyone with an ear for music would be a liar if they said there wasn’t talent of epic proportions flowing from the band like a raging tsunami.

It goes without saying that their live shows never disappoint and this Kilby show-–not quite a week from their last show at Urban Lounge--was no exception. I had planned on going to the Urban Lounge show, but at the last minute was not able, but thankfully, the stars were aligned and the music gods prepared a way for me to see them on this chilly November night.

Things started off, well, a little off. Upon arriving, I was told that the original support had cancelled, that they had thrown three acts on and that BOA wouldn’t be going on till later than I had anticipated. This bummed me out. I felt bad about it, but I left to go get some hot chocolate and hang out with friends to pass the time. Normally I would have stayed to support the other acts, but I was coming down with a cold and waiting it out in a warm Starbucks with creamy hot cocoa sounded much better than standing around at Kilby for close to two hours.

When I got back from my break, BOA were finishing setting up and within five minutes began their nearly hour-long set. Inside the illustrious garage/concert edifice that is Kilby Court, a large crowd-shoulder to shoulder everywhere but in the back few feet by the sound equipment-began to get their BOA fix quenched.

Running through song after song, the band was spot-on, as usual, in showcasing their talent. For me, and anyone else that is familiar with BOA’s music, it is a wonder why these six haven’t yet hit the musical “big time,” and been plastered all over music magazines and swooned by music moguls and booking agents. Who knows? Maybe this is their secret to continuing to produce masterpiece after masterpiece-no distractions or pressure from outside sources creeping in.

Their set, though flawless, was slower-paced then other sets I’ve experienced from the band. One thing that is true of BOA, is that they know how to do the slower and faster songs well, though the majority of their catalogue is on the slower side. The band played a few new songs, including songs from their newly released EP and all were well-received by the crowd.

BOA finished their set with the always raucous “Don’t Let Me Die,” featuring a chorus begs to be sung along to and demands it by the time the song is approaching its end. Though this night’s set was slower-paced than others, I didn’t hear one complaint from anyone in attendance as people shuffled out into the cold. I know I sure wasn’t complaining.