Brumbies, Frame And Canvas and The Last Look @ Bar Deluxe on 04.01

Posted May 2, 2011 in

The Last Look
April Fool's Night at Bar Deluxe was a night of local music. Everyone was in a good mood, perhaps because it had been a day of pranks at the office or perhaps they were stoked on the live talent. The first band to take the stage was Brumbies, a Salt Lake City based reggae/rock two piece. The band had the sound of a bluesy Sublime. Being a two-piece is often limiting, and these guys definitely faced that in their set. A few times, there was some confusion as to where the song was going and the drums and guitar got off track. I wouldn't say it was a bad set, just not particularly moving. With a little more practice and a full line-up, Brumbies could have something good on their hands. I will give them positivity points, however, when a broken string killed their set, they took it with smiles and laughs and gracefully exited the stage.

The following band was Frame and Canvas. As the band went on, I noticed they looked familiar. Upon asking, I discovered that a few of these guys once enjoyed some radio success with a former project. This radio background still stands with the new band. Frame and Canvas offer emo-rock in the vein of Jimmy Eat World or The Fray. It's nothing new, however they do it very well. Their set was full of solid song writing and smooth progressions. If they keep it up, I expect they will again have songs on X96 and other like-minded stations. Drummer Randal Topper is known for exceptional timing and always being in a good mood, this showed when the band suffered multiple equipment malfunctions and Topper just kept smiling and laughing behind the kit. I would advise Frame And Canvas to keep pushing the vocal harmonies stronger––remember guys, you're singing for the ladies and they love that.

Headlining the night was The Last Look. I had heard a lot of rumors about the high-quality shows these guys have been putting on, so I expected a lot and was honestly blown away.They took the stage to an epic intro of synthesizers, guitar and drums, and didn't let up once all night. The energy was massive and even at Bar Deluxe, a venue known for great sound, it sounded like a huge arena. These guys write and perform like pros––they offer hook upon hook of pure gold. They perch perfectly on the line where they can appeal to both young and old audiences. They have honed a sound that pairs the best of alt. country indie rock with emo passion. The verses of each song have more sugary sweetness than the choruses of most bands and are placed like cherries on top of ice cream. Women were melting left and right all night long. I know I probably sound like I'm exaggerating, but you really have to see these guys. They perform often, so go see them soon.
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