Butcher’s Block – July 2005

 Alright, bitches and bitchettes, listen up. I want to tell you, I am not going to Ozzfest, mainly because I can’t fucking stand Ozzy or Sabbath. I can hear the roars of disapproval already! But so what. I’m the guy writing this column, not you. I’m more metal than an I-beam falling onto an armored car, damn you! Having said that, I will not deny the Ozzman or Sabbath their places in rock and metal history by any means. They were the first, as far as heavier music is concerned. Maiden is all good, but the other bands … no, thank you. But, if you like any of them, I urge you to go. Maybe we can start getting more metal concerts here, unless you still enjoy Utah being known as the place to be for shit like Lollapalooza or the Warped Tour—and we, the metal community of Utah, don’t care about such fodder, correct? 

Hear my words, mortals!!! 
The Reverend Bizarre
In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
Spikefarm Records
Doom metal—slow, grinding, buzzing doom metal! This is fucking great! Despondent vocals laced over crushing, heavy doom from the bowels of sorrow! Like I said, I don’t dig Sabbath, but their influential place in history is undeniable. One can also hear the imprint of other influential bands such as early Cathedral, Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Solitude Aeturnus, and so on. Not annoyingly slow, but satisfyingly slow; each song is at least eight to 15 minutes long. It happened to be raining today—this was the perfect soundtrack … 
Moribund Records
With a growing multitude of releases, Summon still have something to bitch about—that bastard Christ (“Beating of Christ”), that annoying thing called life (“Blood Red Skies”), their love for metal music (“Loud as Hell, Fast as Fuck”) … Musically (especially vocally), the band sounds not unlike Angelcorpse, another hell-inspired war metal band of the same persuasion. Raw, ugly, brutal black thrash. 
Blood Ritual
Black Grimoire
Moribund Records
Standard chugging death metal in the vein of early Grave or Incantation … Nothing especially new or groundbreaking here, but not bad. 
Annihilation of the Wicked
Relapse Records
Well, those of you who know your death metal already have this—those who don’t, you may be thinking about getting it. One thing is for sure, Nile has come to be one of those bands that usually don’t disappoint. Personally, I prefer earlier efforts to this one; gone are many of the traditional Egyptian music interludes. The lyrics are still centering on Egyptian lore, but now with an admitted Lovecraftian twist; does this mean the band’s credibility is diminishing? Only you can be the judge. Still brutal, still technical, and to the point, this time around.