Dark Dark Dark @ Kilby Court 04.18

Posted May 24, 2011 in

Dark Dark Dark
Kilby Court
with Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? & The Mighty Sequoyah

I'm at Kilby Court where and I can hardly contain my excitement for seeing Dark Dark Dark again. This time, I'm significantly less inebriated than the last time they came, so I could actually remember the set, because this band is awesome. As more time elapses, I can feel myself getting more anxious to see them play.

When the openers, The Mighty Sequoyah, get on stage, I am almost immediately let down by their set, but only because their lack of imagination with their ironic clothes and facial hair (also, sequoias are cool trees, why change the spelling?). They make up for it with their well-placed harmonies and quirky xylophone. Cute, folksy, indie-rock fills little Kilby Court while their fans eat it up with whoops, hollers and hand claps.

They play some newer stuff that I like a little more than what they said was from 2008. I like that it's more up-beat and danceable, even though hardly anyone is dancing. I like what they're trying to accomplish, but I think they get a little bit lost in the aesthetics of it all.

Next thing I know, New Orleans darlings Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship? is setting up. I didn't know that they were part of the lineup, so finding this out was a huge bonus to my already A+ night.

Big Ship is like circus music for sea creatures, plus punk. Full of accordion, french horn, trumpet and trombone, it's as if they composed the soundtrack to my daydreams. They've got the strangest stage presence—almost a little bit passive-aggressive, like "we know we're awesome, but we won't actually tell you that." 

The music that is coming out of them is literally making me laugh. I could get obsessed with this band, I think to myself. It's fun enough to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down, but weird enough to listen to when you're mad at your mom. I want to dance so hard the whole time they're playing, but the lack of anyone else doing so always makes me a little insecure, but mostly pissed. This is when I remember what it was like to be 18 and care what everyone else was thinking about me. So I stand there, like an idiot, until the last few songs, when I can't stand standing still anymore.

Just when things couldn't get any better, I remember Dark Dark Dark is about to play. Holy shit, the moment I've been waiting for for the last few months is about to happen right en front of me.

They start their set with "Something For Myself," a beautiful song with sad and eerie undertones. I can't believe how perfect Nona Marie Invie sounds live, and when she apologizes for being sick halfway through the set, I feel like I have fallen in love all over again. If that's what she sounds like when she has a cold, I'd like to hear her in full health. "Trouble No More" is so haunting up close. Her voice is the best instrument in this band, and that's saying a lot. Invie and the frontman of Big Ship switch off on accordion and piano every few songs and make me crush so hard on life about it. They play "Bright Bright Bright" and, of course, it was the best thing I've ever heard. All I can do is stare in front of me in awe at this band. I love Kilby Court with all my heart for making that happen.