David Bazan & Say Hi @ Kilby

Posted November 10, 2009 in

David Bazan
Kilby Court
With Say Hi

I always look forward to Say Hi shows. From Say Hi To Your Mom’s drum beats and loop pedals to the full band sound of Say Hi , everything created by the robot, ghost and vampire loving Eric Elbogen is highly enjoyable. As for the headliner, David Bazan (formerly of Pedro the Lion), was going to be something new.

Tonight Say Hi, whose band members differ from tour to tour, brought a drummer and bass player (Alex Westcoat and Andy Fitts) to back him up. The sound was full but it was a little strange to hear the renditions of some of my favorite songs like “Sweet Sweetheart Killer” and “Blah Blah Blah” with the use of a bass instead of a keyboard. The set list had a good mix from each of his albums, and I was happy enough to hear “These Fangs” without trying to request it. The only odd thing was the crowd. A lot of people seemed very focused on the blue light of cell-phones. I can’t say Say Hi’s music creates full body, arm-throwing dancing, but it’s catchy enough for shoulder and hip shaking, and Elbogen is always pretty interesting to watch. His facial expressions as he sings, and his little jumping as he plays guitar are the funny quirks that make the live shows worth standing on my tippy-toes to see. I just find it sad that people can’t put ‘tech-life’ on hold long enough to enjoy the show right in front of them. 

David Bazan set up quickly, and the room filled with his dedicated fans. I wasn’t pushy or early enough to stand up front to see, so I took to sitting outside by the fire instead of staring at the back of someone’s motionless head. The sound was loud enough I could hear quite well through the open doors. Bazan has a smooth voice to counter his nicely bearded face, which made me expect more scruffiness in his vocals. Though the instrumentals were pleasant only one song really caught my attention. The song was a bit more upbeat than the rest and I made my way to see the makings of such fine sounds, but to no avail. I didn’t want to disturb his true fans that could appreciate his quirks and talent much more than I could have. 

Say Hi was a musical treat to sing along to as always, and as he seems to tour hear often I look forward to his next show and the possibility of another album. I guess it’s kind of funny I care more for the opening band than the main attraction, but it was nice to see a large crowd out for both bands whether they actually watched the show or not.