Grouch and Eligh @ The Urban Lounge

Posted May 18, 2009 in

Grouch and Eligh
Urban Lounge
Sick Sense & DJ Skin Walker
Afro Classics

The Say G&E! Tour arrived in Salt Lake on a glorious Wednesday night for some classic underground hip-hop. After riding the bikes down to Urban Lounge, we headed straight to the bar for some Black Lions. With the typical random crowd that Urban draws, I proceeded to stick by the bar and house some brews. Openers Sick Sense & DJ Skin Walker set the tone for a great evening. Sick Sense’s flow is super smooth and on point. With classic underground sample-laden beats and Skin Walker on the cut this is a local duo to watch out for. They outshined Grouch and Eligh’s openers 10-fold. Putting them to shame. I wish I could tell you who they were but I don’t even remember their names. You don’t want to know them––trust me. After Skin Walker and Sick Sense bounced from the stage, some drunken idiot to get into a fight with a bouncer. After being wrestled to the ground UFC style, three more bouncers hopped on board. Awesome! I have seen tons of fights before but have never seen a four-on-one with all four being bouncers. The bouncers straight up carried this dude and literally threw him out the door – another first.

After Sick Sense and Skin Walker hopped off the stage, special guest Raashan Ahmad showed up out of nowhere and served as the highlight the night for me. Raashan raps with the Crown City Rockers and was in the SLC area. Digging SLC the last time CCR was here, he wanted to show some love. Dude got on the mic for about 20 minutes and killed it straight 80s fantastic style – even causing a break dancing circle to break out! Raashan pulled out all the stops and got the crowd hyped as shit. After Ahmad left the stage some filler act performed for a bit and killed the vibe. FAIL!

Next up was Afro Classics, a collab act between Scarub (of Living Legends fame) and Very. They brought a ton of energy and brought life back to us. Scarub’s distinctive voice and big bass beats booming from Urban’s speakers, caused the crowd to blow up. Afro killed it from beginning to end, definitely a group to check out. Their album, The Classic Ep, is in stores now. Finally, G&E were set the take the stage and rip shit apart! They came out strong and played banger after banger, opening with new cuts like “LA to the Bay” causing a straight ruckus. Eligh and Grouch both did some solo tracks as well, mixing it up nice. The best aspect about this show was feeling like I got every element of hip-hop in one night. Break dancing. Old school to new school raps. Fights. Mellow flows (Grouch) matched with speed demon raps (Eligh). Turntablism. What more could you ask for? Props to Urban Lounge and all the acts for a great show. Grouch and Eligh’s album (Say G&E!) is in stores now.  Go get that shit.