Headlights @ Kilby Court

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April 13, 2009
Kilby Court
with The Love Language, and The Continentals

One of the greatest parts of going to shows is being able to remember how amazing they were when they’re over. Really, I don’t think there is anything better in life than to hear,and see live music. If more people were to get out there and see how wonderful the whole experience is, there wouldn’t be a need for anti-depressive pills or crazed psychiatrists trying to get you to explain your “feelings” outside of being happy.

The only bummer of this show is that I missed the first part of The Continentals. Time moves too fast when I try to work in two shows in one night. Oh well, catching the last three songs was still fantastic. This young local group is a sure sign that Salt Lake’s music scene can only get better. They’re only in high school, and have more energy and talent than people who have years of experience. The touring bands even commented on how happy they were to have such a great local opener. If they continue at this I’m sure they’ll be sharing the stage with the likes of Arcade Fire in the future.

 Next up was The Love Language. After my ears adjusted to the high volume levels of guitar and lead vocals, their Beatles-esque style of  happy-go-love groove was fun to hear. The vintage guitar, two keyboards, and backing vocals of  “oohoo’s” came together quite nicely. At one point the drummer’s stick broke, and flew past a few startled then smiling faces. If I were to travel back in time to a sweet 50s dance party I’m sure this would be the soundtrack to the whole adventure.

 Headlights set up next. I have to say I had been waiting for this show to arrive for quite some time, and had vicious butterflies from all the excitement. I secured my front row viewing spot, and created a nice area for dancing. Luckily there was a “hip” boy next to me who danced, so when others around me just stood still I didn’t feel quite so silly working my sweet moves. Their set held a few new songs, but they received the most crowd participation, and excited yells during old favorites such as “Lions,” “Owl Eyes,” and “TV” off the Kill Them With Kindness album. I think the crowd even surprised them with our dedicated clapping and by singing along. Everyone in the room was beaming with smiles, and dancing by the end.

 Now I can add this to my list of amazing shows in my life, and look forward to the next one with more excitement than before.