Hooray For Earth @ Kilby Court

Posted October 12, 2010 in

New York City’s Hooray For Earth popped into town last Thursday at Kilby Court and blew the spot up, as the hip hoppers would say.

As I reported in SLUG a few months ago this quartet of former Boston musicians is getting better and better. Though I haven’t seen any other shows of theirs’ I can say the one I captured on my brain cellophane is one for the books—or EPs in this case. They did a flawless job of recreating their last release, the Momo EP, live, skipping only one song from that 7 song vinyl.

Hooray for Earth is a new brand of old ideas based on synth sounds from the 80s that incorporate modern song phrasings, lyrical styling and attitude. The result is an infectious beat machine combined with great vocal choruses and genuine joy-inducing structure.

Once again I was shocked by the city’s disregard for quality and insistence on whatever the fuck other bullshit was happening that night. I think Kilby never gets enough cred for the constant amount of good music it pumps out. Fortunately, the crowd really enjoyed Hooray For Earth and the gents were very gentlemanly afterwards. Humble and very open, they informed me that the group is working on new material and should have it out and ready for touring by spring of 2011.

Check out something from the Momo EP here and enjoy a take on this up-and-coming New York quartet.