September 2015 National CD Reviews

Review: elle le fantôme – paint it blacker

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elle le fantôme – paint it blacker

elle le fantôme
paint it blacker

Outside the Circle Records
Street: 09.08
elle le fantôme = Wolves in the Throne Room x The xx + Chelsea Wolfe

Deep and sinister, with copious amounts of black, elle le fantôme could easily be Romy Madley Croft’s younger, Pagan, chain-smoking sister. Combining heavily synthesized vocals over dark, electronic instrumentation, Tyler Elizabeth is the shadowy, ambient savior we deserve. Varying from synth-pop to The Addams Family–level creepiness, elle le fantôme keeps her music accessible, but exclusively so—you probably won’t be hearing her at Coachella anytime soon, and that’s ok. Check out “sore” for the most radio-friendly track and “paint it blacker” to delve into darker mists. –Allison Shephard