Wasted Life – February 2005

Review: Soul Khula Feat. Miss Identity – Fire

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Soul Khula Feat. Miss Identity - Fire


 (NNY/Groove Junkies mixes)

After their success with “Saturday Night,” the South African artist Soul Khula produces another follow-up hit, Fire. In a soulful laid-back house style, this number is a perfect track for the beginning of your club night. On the NNY side, this rough-and-tough remix is peak timing with kind regard to the soulful elements of the original. On GJs side, shit … ain’t nothing like the Morehouse boys doing their thing and featuring extra love-action by Solara! Go and order it from your local record store!!! www.gossiprecords.com (Thanks Katie G.)
This review originally appeared in Headphones, February 2005, Issue 194.