August 2015 National Music Reviews

Review: Sandra Kolstad – Zero Gravity State of Mind

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Sandra Kolstad – Zero Gravity State of Mind Sandra Kolstad
Zero Gravity State of Mind

Red Eye Transit
Street: 03.03
Sandra Kolstad = Florence + the Machine + Björk

Zero Gravity State of Mind is an erratic, poppy album weighed down with heavy synthesizers and grandiose piano ballads. Although Kolstad is a classically trained pianist who is certainly talented, any organic creativity she may possess is drowned out by the overproduction on this album. Each song is backed by an elaborate orchestration of synthesizers that attempts to equally explore both pop melodies and alternative harmonies. The result is a weird, lounge-dance fusion that is simultaneously confusing and contrived. With the exception of the semi-interesting Björk-esque vocals on the track “Ice Age,” this album falls flat and gets lost among other mainstream alternative female artists. –Kristyn Porter