She Wants Revenge with The Californian @ Bar Deluxe

Posted March 30, 2011 in

The Californian is, fittingly enough a Los Angeles band. With elements of western tinged rock, soulful vocals and catchy melodies, it is easy to see why they are currently touring with She Wants Revenge. I arrived at Bar Deluxe as the band was nearing the middle of their set. The dual guitarists were locked in an interwoven progression that quickly caught my attention. Front man, John Graney had a presence and a passion, which enraptured the audience. The Californian possess a sense of clarity and catchiness in the lyrics and music which is reminiscent of bands such as Phantom Planet and The Format, but with more maturity. The song writing, while completely pop sensible, is also complex emotionally and structurally. I was impressed with the instrumental breakdowns and the chord choices. Check out to follow their tour and keep posted on the recording process, you won’t regret it giving these guys a listen.


Following The Californian, the headliners She Wants Revenge took the stage. Well known for their hit, “Tear You Apart,” the band took the stage to a raucous applause and tore into a set filled with songs known by heart by the eager crowd. Things quickly escalated and I was shoved aside by screaming girls and drunk men flooding the floor and crowding in tightly to the stage. I expected an orgy to break out at any moment. More than once in the set the band had to back the crowd off from the brink of total freak out. Many of the newer songs in the set had similar impact as the old classics. I had been told that the band live was more like a DJ with a singer rather than a band, however this was not the case. Look for the new album ValleyHeart and be prepared to dance and sing.