Tech N9ne, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Kit Calhoun @ Great Saltair 06.25

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Photo: Eric Hess
I arrived at the All 6's and 7's tour at the Great Saltair and immediately felt a little out of placeI wasn't aware that Tech N9ne's fanbase is the Bloods. I'm glad I'm not in a gang so I can wear whatever color I want. As I stood in line, I saw some security guards talking to a few people that had apparently just been fighting near the entrance. All of a sudden, a dude two people in front of me pushed the dude directly in front of me and informs him that if he wants to "step" to him, then feel free. The man, dressed in his finest red sweat pants and cutoff red tee, was easily three times the size of the seemingly harmless shove victim. Then in disgust, the large man yells "Soooouuuwoooop!"apparently arguments make him hungry. That's when another security guard came over and asked "Now what the hell is going on here?" Nothing's said when nothing's spoken, so neither moved their lips. The security guard pulled them to the side and I lost interest.

Now, everyone knows that if you're going to sneak a doob into a show, you gotta have a good hiding spot. I bet the guy that got busted for having the doob in his pocket that night didn't think that far ahead. Hello! They are going to pat you down and ask you to empty your pockets. It just sucks that they actually have a cop waiting right there at the door, just for these instances. Glad that I had smoked mine prior to walking up to the door. I then got patted down, dick grabbed, and let in.

In a sea of red I began shootingphotos, that is. Thousands of people were there to support "the world's largest independent artist." I wasn't familiar with many of the openers, but they all had the same feel, and that feel was "Gangster." From Jay Rock's "Real Bloods" to Krizz Kaliko's "Anxiety," there was heavy bass and heavy applause. These artists from Strange Ent. exemplify what an artist needs to do to get attention and a fan base. Even if you aren't a Blood (like myself) you gotta respect someone that can keep a crowd on their toes, bouncing and having a "kick off the summer" type of time.

Due to the fact that it is indeed summer and it was in the 90s the day of the show, all of the windows were open to ventilate the heat produced by all the pumping "blood." This allowed all of the wonderful Great Saltair gnats to come in and enjoy the show as well. This didn't seem to bother anyone except Tech, when in the middle of his set when he told the audience, "Feels like I'm in Africa with all these bugs. I swear one just went in my ear. BZZZ. Aw, now in my eye." They really got worse as the night progressed and all the hot lights definitely attracted them.

The production was awesome. Tech N9ne had these television towers that would set the vibe for each song and a giant "9" glowed in red the majority of "the techanina's" set. With "SEX" painted on his face, he emerged amidst the smoke from under the glowing "9" and began to verbally slay his audience. He has so much style when he spits. The articulation of his words influences the light show and it causes a crowd to erupt. They were eating out of his palm while the bass kept beating. During some of his hits, like "151 Rum," and "I'm a Playa," the crowd loosened up and continued to indulge in the N9ne. Then he began to set up "Aureola" by actually telling women who were sitting on shoulders to show him their tittayyyyss! Some did right away, showing nothing but love. Others needed some coaxing, like one girl that actually held up the show for a brief moment 'cause she wouldn't, but then gladly did and the song began. Boobies and rap music are a good mixthat's a fact. He did tracks off of his newest project, All 6's and 7's (which is available now wherever you get music, I'm sure,) throughout the night. Get that if you're into breakneck hip hop.

All in all, I gotta say that I will not be missing another Tech N9ne showtoo much of a good time. Feel free to come back any time, Salt Lake loves the "9"!
Photo: Eric Hess Photo: Eric Hess Photo: Eric Hess Photo: Eric Hess Photo: Eric Hess